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“No more meekly saying yes, when my heart is saying no. No more taming of my feelings, so my power won’t show… no more watering down myself so my spirit won’t rise… I’m taking shape and form. I’m taking back my life, and I’m doing it today.”Jean Wilson 

Fumni 2Welcome to born2bebeautiful, where it’s all about empowering women and girls.

I founded born2bebeautiful in June 2011, because I wanted to bring together all of my different skills and experience, as a lawyer, a personal coach, a domestic violence trainer and lifestyle advisor.  I have over 17 years litigation experience, eight years of violence against women policy development and training and over ten years experience of coaching and lifestyle advice.

I’ve been able to help many survivors of domestic violence, through my work as a prosecutor.  I have had the wonderful experience of working with committed individuals in the public and private sector on issues of violence against women.  I have also been fortunate to be able to train prosecutors, judges, police and NGO staff internationally as well as in the United Kingdom (UK). 

I am passionate about women maximising their potential and being all that they can be.  The motto of the company is ‘every woman is unique’.   Therefore, I will work with you, to come up with a programme that meets your specific needs. 

Just contact me for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation and let’s get started on your journey of empowerment.

Coaching without borders

born2bebeautiful is a global company.  We can work with you anywhere in the world.  Contact us for local prices.

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