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 "My vision is for women to be empowered inside and out, once they have used the born2bebeautiful services...because every woman deserves to look and feel her best."

That’s why we have two packages – Beautiful You and Hungry Heart.  


Beautiful You                                                                                                                        

Make-up and clothes have the power to transform and change a person. 

At born2bebeautiful, we firmly believe that when people look good, they feel much more confident.  Funmi is a trained make-up artist and self taught stylist, who has been beautifying women for over 20 years. Her take on make-up and personal style is fun, fresh and designed to build your confidence. Funmi works to uncover and celebrate the beauty that is in every woman. When you have a consultation with Funmi, you will be more confident about what make-up suits you and how to apply it.  You will learn what clothing styles suit your body type best and how to accessorise confidently.

Here at born2bebeautiful, it’s about helping you to acquire the skills to be fabulous all by yourself. So, we offer make-up lessons, where you can learn how to do your make-up yourself.  It’s a 1:1 session and you can learn how to do a basic day or night look, both a day and night look or how to contour your face as well as both looks.

Makeup 2If you’d like to find out more about any of these services, please contact us. Prices start from £60 (or the equivalent in your local currency) per 1 hour session (the minimum session is 1.5 hours). Bridal packages, price on application. 

Contact us for a FREE 30-Minute Initial Consultation – no obligation!


Hungry Heart’

HH‘Get clean, get lean’; ’21 days to your best bikini body ever’ ‘healthy eating’; ‘detox plan’.  These are just some of the names given to a rigid, eating plan-otherwise known as a diet.

At least 90% of people, who go on a diet, regain some or all of the weight they lose. It’s impossible to deny, deprive or punish yourself on a long term basis, so you fall off the diet, have a major binge and end up back at guilt and despair.

Funmi is passionate about helping women to tackle their relationship with food.  A lot of women are unhappy with their bodies and spend a lot of time dieting.  Funmi takes a more intuitive approach, preferring to uncover and address the root causes of over eating.  The Hungry Heart programme is grounded in successful well established principles that have helped many women free themselves from the pain of emotional eating. After completing the Hungry Heart programme, you will have the tools to help you overcome emotional eating and you will be much more confident in your approach to food.

Weight loss is a billion pound industry, fuelled by the desperation of millions of individuals who aspire to the notion of the ‘perfect’ body.

If you are exhausted by your relationship with food, if you are tired of putting your life on hold, then contact born2bebeautiful, to try another way.

Contact us for a FREE 30-Minute Initial Consultation – no obligation! 

Coaching without borders

born2bebeautiful is a global company.  We can work with you anywhere in the world.  Contact us for local prices.

Beautiful You

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