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"I worked with Funmi Johnson as both the Domestic Violence Lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service and manager of the whole CPS Domestic Violence Programme.

Funmi developed a domestic violence prosecution training programme for all CPS prosecutors, writing the training materials as well as leading the cascade training for the organisation. Over 4,500 prosecutors were trained in her programme within three years. Training included workbook and workshop materials, as well as e-learning and more detailed case-based training.

Funmi’s programme transformed individual understanding and tackled cultural changes within the organisation. Her understanding of issues from the perspective of those who face violence is outstanding."

Jude Watson - Violence against Women Strategy Manager
Crown Prosecution Service

"I would say that the best thing about undergoing coaching with Funmi was how much attention she would pay to what you had say; as well as her patience in doing so. Sometimes its good to just have somebody who will listen to all of your problems and then help you to logically deal with each of them better. Participating in coaching classes specifically helped me to do exactly this, it gave me the skills to be able to take time out every month and establish if I was on track for achieving my goals and aspirations; also making sure that they were in line with my desires and what I wanted out of life. I would recommend anybody who is unsure of whether or not they are achieving their goals and aspirations in life to participate in this scheme; I assure you that you will at least learn how to better establish what exactly they are and even better how to go about succeeding in them." 

Funmi A- University student

"Before my coaching experience with Funmi, I never really thought it was something, people like me do.  I did not consider myself troubled or with any major problems that needed to be 'fixed'.  However, by the end of it, I realised a stream of untapped potential within me.  My sessions with  Funmi, didn't just help view my world through a different perspective. Better than that, she showed me the tools I could use to make myself better. Now, I find myself thinking a lot more positive about myself than I used to. Her professionalism is more than evident and her desire for growth and understanding is second to none.  She has been an absolute blessing to my life."

Tumi O- University student

"I really did benefit from the coaching sessions I received. They done in a professional manner and I found the whole experience a very productive one. The coaching sessions helped me to navigate through key aspects of my organisation in a way that has not happened before. The great listening skills and ability to ask the right questions helped me to think more objectively about my organisation.  The style and approach was extremely effective in 'getting down' to matters in a friendly and purposeful way.  During my coaching sessions I was really made to feel my sessions were entirely focused on me, what I wanted to discuss and exploring the needs of my organisation, which was very encouraging. I would  wholeheartedly  recommend this service to others.'

Kizzy D- Founder of SENT ministries

"I was pleasantly surprised with the Coaching sessions. Funmi helped me to think deeply about what I wanted from my business and how these decisions would help me. I would start with one idea and by the end of the session I would have 3 or 4 more to think about for the next time. It was time well spent!

Lara A- Founder and Creative Director of Allabouteveshop.com


"Funmi has participated in the Centre for Health Ethics Law and Development's (CHELD)work on domestic violence.  Her experience and extensive knowledge around issues of domestic violence and abuse has shone.  Funmi is an enganging public speaker and effective trainer and coach.  Her ability to address core issues underlying self-development, self-estem and empowerment is remarkable"

Cheluchi Onyemelukwe Onuobia- Founder and Director of CHELD

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